Here are some internet things I liked (or at least found interesting) this week. (May 4, 2023)

Elon Musk threatens to reassign @NPR to “another company.” (NPR)
Okay, at what point will his fans realize that he’s just really fucking terrible? Like, at every level? He’s petty, vindictive, and for someone who’s sold themselves to the public as a big brain thinker, seems to have zero original ideas. Setting aside my own petty grievances with the social media site that he’s currently driving into the ground, I’m genuinely wondering if The Human Shitpost Himself has any kind of strategy for the thing he’s spent $44b on.1$13b of that came from a debt financing package, btw.

Replika is an AI chatbot that has absolutely ruined people’s lives. (GioCities)
There’s some very heavy stuff in this in-depth post about how one AI company simultaneously took advantage of peoples’ loneliness and disregarded their responsibilities while perpetrating what the author considers fraud. (I agree with them, for the record.)






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